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Iron Tyger are a professional tribute show formed for one purpose;


To deliver classic 80's rock to suit every occasion,

performed with passion and dedication.


The band’s charismatic take on the fun and excitement of 80's rock, combined with a catalogue of iconic tunes has prompted sparkling responses from audiences across the UK such as "a welcome breath of fresh air" and "thank God it’s not just another everyday function band!"


Covering a spectrum of giants like Bon Jovi, Guns 'n' Roses and Queen comes as standard, whilst rock flavoured twists and turns on 80's classics can be included from artists like Aha, Blondie and Billy Idol.


Iron Tyger pays the attention to detail needed to produce a tribute to each of the many bands in their repertoire.


Make your event the one that everyone talks about long after they have arrived home.

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