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We proudly present our Coda Records releases

Unleashed, our debut album, is stuffed with a premium selection of our 80's rock & metal favourites, and,  we hope,  yours too!

These are the kind of tunes we are known for, and you are most likely to hear at one of our IRON TYGER show.

Track Listing

1. Sweet Child O' Mine

2. Run To The Hills

3. Livin' On a Prayer

4. 99 Red Balloons

5. Ace Of Spades

6. Eye of the Tiger

7. Back In Black

8. Summer of '69

9. I Want To Break Free

10. Heaven and Hell


The Show Must Go On is our passionate reworking of some of the greatest songs of Queen, complete with chamber ensemble, percussion, acoustic & classical instruments.  Queen's Greatest Hits Vol 1 is officially the biggest selling

Track Listing

1. The Show Must Go On

2. Hammer To Fall

3. I Want It All

4. Under Pressure

5. One Vision

6. Killer Queen

7. Seven Seas Of Rhye

8. Bohemian Rhapsody

9. We Are The Champions


Four Christmas gifts in one exciting

package, a perfect for under the tree, putting in the stocking, or just to have on when you are burning the dinner, or snubbing the rudest of relatives.

A Seasonal EP of timeless tunes to bring joy and goodwill to any household

Track Listing

1. Merry Christmas Everybody

2. I Believe In Father Christmas

3. Last Christmas

4. Fairytale Of New York

This album was recorded in the iconic Quincy Room at the luxurious Palma Recording Studio in Majorca, where we ventured into new territory with new arrangements of classic songs, as well  as some faithful covers of a few of our own favourite all time tracks.

Track Listing

1. Wishing Well

2. Don't Fear The Reaper

3. Highway To Hell

4. Hyperdrive

5. More Than A Feeling

6. Whiskey In The Jar

7. Radar Love

8. Soldier Of Fortune

To purchase our albums just click on the Amazon Link below

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